clay jug

you find a clay jug that mysteriously refills itself. you do not ponder the source, the reason for this mystery. instead, you return with your empty cup a thousand times to drink your fill.

when, one day you arrive again with your wanting vessel, you are surprised to find the jug almost empty. you do not question what made the magic stop. you take the last drop, angrily cursing the jug for ceasing to quench your neverending thirst.

another arrives. he sees the magic in the always-full jug. he falls to his knees and thanks the gods for this gift. each day he comes to fill his cup, he says a prayer of thanks and leaves behind an offering to the gods. he teaches his children to do the same. for him, the vessel never empties. his lands flourish for generations to come.


When you are connected to the source, there’s an abundance that flows from you. It attracts many. Some will come with hungry hands and bottomless bellies to fill themselves from you. When your reserves are low, they will disappear. A welcome few will be worthy receivers, accepting your abundance with grace and gratitude. With these, your abundance will extend and expand to become almost endless.

At times, you may be tempted to curse yourself for being such an always-full, always-open vessel. Don’t. This is how the one who created you created you to be. Instead, practice discernment. Learn to recognize those who come wanting and be patient as you wait for the grateful and worthy.