the little voice

The big voice is the one that is loud. you’re used to hearing it. It’s the one that shouts at you and likely the one that you listen to most. The one that tells you it has your best interests at heart, that without it you are nothing, that nobody loves or understands you like it does.

The big voice is your ego. Its only interest is its own self-preservation. It is the common thread of insanity that links all un-awake, unenlightened human beings. and it is seductive, soothing. So you are more apt to follow it. The little voice is much harder to hear. Mostly because it sounds unfamiliar to you. It says things to you that frighten you, sends chills up your spine, makes you run scrambling for the more brash comfort of the big voice.

But the little voice is you. your spirit, the you that existed before the you that came about as a result of hardening yourself against the outside world. The you that was before the well-intentioned but ill-advised conditioning of your parents, your schools, your lovers, your friends. It is the you that you sometimes feel uncomfortable seeing staring back at you from the mirror. It is the you that you are least acquainted with, but most enamored with. It’s the you that speaks up when you know you’re doing something you shouldn’t, whether it’s sneaking an extra cookie after dinner or sneaking off with your neighbor’s wife. It is the you that you would be if you were not afraid to be that you that you really are.

Some people have called the little voice intuition, or the sixth sense. But whatever name it goes by, you can pretty much bet that the little voice is the one that the big voice always, always convinces you to ignore.

A long time ago I learned a hard lesson. I suppose I should be thankful, because the lesson could have come at a much steeper price. The lesson? Always – not sometimes, not occasionally, not when you feel like it – but ALWAYS listen to the little voice.