4 cocktail recipes for halloween


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For me, Halloween marks the official start of the holiday season. So let's celebrate the spirit of the season with some seasonal spirits, shall we?

Here are 4 Halloween-themed cocktail recipes that will get your holiday season off to a spirited start.


Halloween Cocktail Recipe #1 - Persephone Returns to Hades

halloween cocktail recipes - persephoneAny drink that involves a muddler deserves a long name just so people are aware of how much work goes into the dang thing. Plus, with winter approaching, the myth of Persephone and her underworld lover is fitting.


1 part pomegranate juice

1 ½ parts gin or vodka

¾ part grenadine or simple syrup

2-3 mint or basil leaves

squeeze of fresh lime

To make: Add mint or basil leaves to glass, cover with grenadine. Muddle together. Add ice and remaining ingredients. Shake until chilled.

Serve with a cocktail straw in a high or lowball glass. Garnish with mint or basil leaves, cherry, mini plastic pitchfork or other hellish decorations.


Halloween Cocktail Recipe #2 - Bitches’ Brew


port wine

stout beer

To make: Fill glass 1/3 of the way with port. Fill remainder of glass with chilled stout. Serve in a lowball glass or stemmed glass.


Halloween Cocktail Recipe #3 - Queen of the Damned


1 part raspberry vodka OR vodka + raspberry liqueur

1 part coffee liqueur

2 parts champagne

red sugar for rim

To make: Shake first two ingredients together with ice, strain and serve in a martini glass rimmed with red sugar or with bloody candy rim. Fill rest of glass with champagne. Garnish with slice of blood orange (optional).


Halloween Cocktail Recipe #4 - Cool Autumn Breeze


1 part gold rum

1 part sweet tea

splash of sour mix

squeeze of lemon

To make: Combine all ingredients  in a lowball glass over ice. Stir well. Garnish with lemon or orange wedge.




sipping mummy photo by: Passetti, on Flickr