warm weather red: lodi deep purple zinfandel


There was a time when I was a year-round drinker of white wines. I hadn't yet developed the palate to appreciate the taste of a merlot, a cabernet, or even a pinot noir. Over time, however, I grew to like reds more, but I was still the sort of red drinker who saved the ruby-colored vinos for the cooler months of the year. Once spring hit, I couldn't wait to get back to my tried-and-true Chardonnays, Rieslings, and Pinot Grigios.   This past winter though, I seem to have developed a stronger affinity for reds than ever before, and even now that it's begun to warm up here in Atlanta, I'm still longing for the fuller, rounded taste of a red over the immature sweetness of  a white (hm. pausing for a moment to reflect on the unintentional parallel to my over-30 self).

Anywho, a couple of days ago the beau brought home what looks like will be my warm-weather red companion for at least a few more weeks - we'll have to see how much I'm loving it once the temperature stays above the 90-degree mark.

Name: Deep Purple Zinfandel 2007

Type: A California Zinfandel from the Lodi region

Tastes Like: very jammy; blackberry, and ripe purple fruit

Where to Buy: Green's on Ponce

Wallet Damage: around $10

Other Notes:  The label is decked out in psychedelic lettering that's a trip to read, especially after a couple of glasses. We've already nicknamed it 'Purple Haze'.