5 self-massage techniques you should learn right now


Bad posture, stress and overuse can take a toll on our delicate muscles and tissues, making us feel tired, tense and not our best selves. Getting a professional massage may not always fit into our busy schedules or our budgets, but neglecting self-care for too long isn't the best for our physical or mental health. Whenever your body is feeling stiff and tense, try these 5 self-massage techniques to ease pain and stress in your feet, hands, neck and back.

How to Give Yourself A Foot Massage



How to Give Yourself A Hand Massage



How to Give Yourself A Neck and Shoulder  Massage



How to Give Yourself A Breast Massage

4 Step Self Breast Massage



How to Give Yourself A Back Massage



For even more tips on how to give yourself a massage, check out this full-body guide to self-massage from Beyond Talk.