haiti: marche en fer and observatoire

Final 24 hours in #haiti. (part 2) We eventually arrive at the Marche en Fer (Iron Market) - which could best be described as a supercenter for #vodou items, home remedies and other #artisanal wares & services (you can even get yo' crochet braids done here!). We haggle for #souvenirs - the most sought after are Haitian vodou flags - hand-beaded representations of #lwa, or spirits, that make up the vodou pantheon. I decide on a large flag of #bossou, but have to settle on a smaller version after I realize I'm cash-tight #sellersmarket. Our purchases secured, and back in the car, we pass the ruins of the main #cathedral, more street scenes, make a quick stop at a downtown park, then a long, slow climb up into the hills, where we marvel at the view of the entire island and finish with a celebratory birthday dinner. My entree of vermicelli #djondjon with lobster is a fitting last item on my must-try list of #haitiancuisine. Back at the hotel, we cap the night off with drunken trivia, and E'lon gets a final birthday surprise delivered to the room by one of the staff. Next morning we say our final #aurevoir to the hotel and to Haiti herself. Mesi!!

Travelkisha solomon