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cape town: boulders beach and cape point

Booked a shuttle to Cape Point, aka, the Cape of Good Hope, and along the way we stopped at Boulders Beach, home to a settlement of #penguins. I was absolutely giddy to see these #birds in natural habitat, plodding about officiously on the sand and darting through the water with amazing speed. Truly one of the most delightful #nature excursions i've ever had. #capetown #southafrica #indianocean


When the shuttle driver to Cape Point turned and announced to us, "I'm not supposed to do this," I knew good things were in store. Instead of driving us to the top of the #mountain for scenic views only, he dropped us at the bottom and gave us time to #hike up and meet him at the top. We were 4 in total: me, Laura - a US expat living in Uganda - and her 2 boys. During the drive, Laura and I had already discussed our shared idea that time spent in #nature is a form of medicine. That day, we all got our doses while scrambling over rocks, marvelling at the views, snapping countless photos and spotting wildlife on the hour-plus hike. Every time i thought i had seen the most beautiful #vista there was to see, we'd round a bend and... bam! Even more eye-popping beauty. We finished with a short funicular ride up to the so-called 'invisible #lighthouse'. A few more pics, a brief and much-needed moment of silent meditation for myself and we headed back 2 the shuttle... 15 minutes after we were supposed to return. Our driver scolded us 4 being tardy, but soon got over it as we all shared fruits and other snacks on the drive back to the city. #capetown #southafrica #capepoint#capeofgoodhope